Located in the Metro Detroit, Michigan and the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), South Carolina, Provectus Technical Solutions, LLC is an integrated solutions provider of Engineering Technical Services. The experience base of the team is primarily automotive engineering; our team is also capable of executing product and technology development for military and commercial projects as well. We see and understand all parallels necessary to solve problems, provide value, and support customers in various industries to increase their market share by virtue of introducing new products and technologies. We also provide broad and deep technical knowledge in a flexible project management framework to take on projects you want delivered on time, within budget, with excellent quality, and satisfying the objectives.
  • Development of Requirements, System Design and Integration
  • Algorithm Development and Software Engineering
  • Architectural Analysis and Design
  • Model Based Development
  • Principles and Techniques for Sensor Data Fusion
  • Hardware Design
  • Verification and Validation
  • Design for Manufacturability and Lean Manufacturing
  • PLM Transformation Methodology
  • Project Management
QuoteGiven we focus on innovation and profitability to establish viable partnerships, then successful futures will result for all.
H. Bryan Riley, Ph.D. – Founder and Managing Director