Development of Requirements, System Design and Integration

  • Expertise in design, development and integration of electronics systems
  • Capture detailed requirements to proactively ensure system design and performance

Algorithm Development and Software Engineering

  • Map requirements to develop and drive algorithms in support of requirements
  • Software re-engineering and reverse engineering
  • Powertrain , controls, and exhausts – hybrid vehicles, active safety systems, engine control and powertrain

Architectural Analysis and Design

  • Real-time fault tolerant network architecture
  • Electronic architecture and design of Electronic Control Units (ECU)
  • System improvement — future design compatibility

Model Based Development

  • Enable multi-model integration and desktop computer testing
  • Requirement based test generation
  • Early verification and validation
Sensor Fusion

Principles and Techniques for Sensor Data Fusion

  • Formulation of sensor processing from varied sensors and maps (Radar, Ultrasonic, Vision)
  • Kinematics and simulations
  • Sensor performance to fusion performance mapping (i.e. Kalman Filtering)
Circuit Board

Hardware Design

  • High integrity hardware concept and physical design
  • Design review to ensure industry specifications and standards
  • Design risk analysis

Verification and Validation

  • System integration, testing and component validation
  • Code reviews
  • Software risk analysis (DFMEAs)

Design for Manufacturability and Lean Manufacturing

  • Focus on profit enhancing lean manufacturing
  • Ensure that the product is producible
  • Robust warranty and life cycle planning
PLM Transformation Methodology

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Transformation Methodology

  • Complete lifecycle from concept initiation to product retirement
  • Rules-based engineering, knowledge capture and retention
  • Change and configuration management, and product structure
Project Management

Project Management

  • Decrease design, development, and launch costs
  • Project leadership from initial vision through production, validation and delivery
  • Improve cycle time
  • Stakeholder administration