Automotive Engineering Services

Today’s highly technological society requires technologists and manufacturers produce products that enhance life styles, conserve natural resources, and address concerns.  Reliable and advances in both personal and commercial vehicles are vital to the recovery of global economies. The automotive industry is actively participating in all areas. For example, advance work in areas such as, hybrid and electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, active and passive safety, fuel efficiency, and light-weight materials present many challenges and opportunities for technologists and manufacturers.   
Starting an engineering services firm in today’s automotive environment could be considered questionable. However launching this enterprise is based on the premise of presenting the OEMs and Suppliers to achieve: 

  1. Greater flexibility relative to level-scheduling development work
  2. Specific selection of competences and skills-sets as required by the project(s)
  3. Dedicated partnerships that support greater innovation and profitability for their stakeholders

For the Provectus Engineering Team, we look to achieve:

  1. Ownership of individual career progression;  a downsized auto industry presents some advantages
  2. Flexibility and exposure to work in broader domain product and technology development projects
  3. Opportunities to contribute value

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